Top SSL certification providers 2019

Security has to be the top priority for every single online company to become prosperous, particularly in the current electronic situation, since there’s a rise in the amount of cybersecurity risks with every passing day.

Your credibility and company standing play crucial roles in your success, and your clients must be confident about sharing their own personal information and credit card numbers in your internet business site.

A single client who has had a terrible experience with your site, won’t ever see you , and warn others too not to see your site. This is why using a protected website is essential for every company, to give safety to the client, wherever his advice is accepted, from newsletter signups into buying a product online.

This is sometimes carried out with SSL certificates and thus, the objective of this blog would be to allow you to know about SSL certificates and best SSL certification providers in 2019.

What’s SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, also it’s the security protocol which establishes a encrypted and secure communication link between a web browser and an internet server.

To make an SSL link and activate it on your server, you want a certificate, known as SSL Certificate.

Once installed on a web server, SSL Certificates trigger a safe padlock and https protocol, enabling end-users to safely submit sensitive data like credit card information, banking information, information transport and logins, etc..

Used by millions of internet companies and people, SSL lessens the probability of confidential data from getting into the hands of thieves and hackers. That is to say, SSL security empowers safe communication involving two planned parties.

An SSL Certificate for site makes your customers and clients feel assured that you shield their information. It can help you in making their confidence.

The way to know if a web site is secure?

There are three visual signals of a safe site.

Assess the URL of the site from the browser address bar if it begins with’http’ or’https’. If it begins with’Entrance s’, it is secured using an SSL Certificate. ‘s’ from the https stands to get protected .

The shut lock/padlock icon, visible in the address bar prior to the URL suggests a safe mode.

Which are Wildcard SSL Certificates?

Wildcard SSL Certificates will help save you money and effort by procuring unlimited sub-domains of your primary domain on a single certification.

For Instance, If You Would like to secure your Site ‘domain name (dot)com’ for all the subdomains, the Wildcard SSL may secure-

You will find just three keys utilized to establish the SSL link – public, personal and session keys.

The SSL working procedure goes like that:

The browser connects to the protected site, and asks for the host identification.

The host sends its SSL Certificate backup with its public key.

The browser verifies the certification it isn’t expired or revoked and is by a trusted CA.

The server then decrypts the session key with its private key. It then sends session and recognition essential to begin an encrypted session.

All of the transmitted information between the browser and the host is currently encrypted with session key.

Top SSL certification providers 2019

2 decades ago, Google Chrome had eliminated the confidence from the certifications issued by WoSign, and its subsidiary StarCom, for not keeping the high quality of safety. Thus, to make certain you receive the actual safety, we’ve recorded top 10 SSL certification providers.


Comodo is among the most significant SSL certification providers, offering a cheap method for small and medium size internet businesses to safeguard customer transactions.

Comodo SSL certificates provide added features and tools such as’point-to-verify’ technologies that shows your clients the real time confirmation of your company credentials anytime they move the cursor within the SSL seal.

It provides your clients with a prominent degree of protection with 2048 bit up and signatures to 256-bit encryption.


RapidSSL stipulates the SSL options at low rates, including a 30-day money-back guarantee. The RapidSSL SSL Certificates have 99% browser recognition and also protected multiple servers with no extra price.

It delivers an SSL management console, helping you to handle all certifications from 1 account. These certifications can be reissued at no cost.

Like most of the above-mentioned SSL Certificate suppliers, RapidSSL additionally provides 256-bit encryption power and features a Trusted Site Seal.

Priced at just $17.95 per year, RapidSSL Certificates will be the lowest priced in the listing


Symantec (mix of”syntax” and”semantics” using”tech”) is a Fortune 500 firm, supplying cybersecurity applications and solutions across the world.

Symantec SSL Certificates secure your site up to 256-bit encryption and assist you to mechanically safeguard the whole website against malicious ailments.

It provides the SSL Certificates together with all the maximum recognized trust seal- Norton Secured Seal. The SSL Certificates prices from Symantec ranges from $349 to $1899 annually, based upon the usage cases. 90 percent of the Fortune 500 firms use Symantec SSL Certificates to secure their own sites.


Supplying SSL certificates in over 150 nations, GeoTrust permits up to 256-bit SSL encryption using GeoTrust Authentic Site Seals on the grounds of the amount of identity confirmation.

The fundamental encryption prices start from $149/year, while maximum safety comes in $299/year.


DigiCert supplies encryption options for sites and Web of Things (IoT) apparatus and permits free reissues on infinite servers to the duration of your certification (some other SSL providers do not do). The DigiCert SSL certificates are trusted by the majority of the email systems, web browsers, web browsers, and mobile devices.

The SSL certificate supplier additionally has Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) support, the public-key encryption utilized to make smaller, quicker, and more effective cryptographic keys.


GlobalSign SSL Certificates offer encryption with SHA-256, and 20148-bit RSA keys, together with the ECC support.

Trusted by all significant browsers, programs, and devices, GlobalSign problems SSL Certificates using Secure Site Seal.

Furthermore, GlobalSign certificates may improve your search engine optimization rank on Google. Thousands of customers such as Microsoft, BBC, Netflix, Ford, and Toyota rely upon GlobalSign’s identity management solutions to safeguard their internet environment.

All these are the most reliable SSL Certificate suppliers, and also to make the items easier for you while picking any one of these, we’ve created a comparison table too. The table below reveals the SSL Certificate cost comparison, together with the various features’ contrast too.