Free Job Posting Sites

As a result of a growing number of job boards, job search engines and social networking websites, it is simpler than ever to market traffic to thousands of potential hires.

Better yet, a number of these websites enable you to market open tasks for free, saving your company money on its hiring procedures.

The Hire staff has assembled a detailed collection of 50 of their most effective free job posting websites, so recruiters may experiment with various approaches and tools utilized to entice new candidates.

Some of the websites within this listing enable HR professionals to post unlimited job advertisements with no accounts, but some need an accounts or trial to place jobs or locate resumes for free.

Free Job Posting Sites

1. Recruiter

Recruiter boasts a community of more than 10,000 recruiters across many sectors, including IT, HR, sales, and healthcare. Thousands of businesses use the website’s free job market to market new job posts and join with gift.

The site serves over 800,000 members in over 30 nations, and it reaches a societal networking audience of 2.8 million job seekers.

2. Jobisite

Compared to other free job boards for companies, Jobisite’s recruiting tools are unlimited.

HR professionals may post as many job advertisements as they would like and browse through applicants’ resumes with no restrictions.

Open tasks are shared directly with Jobisite’s over 10,000 users, as well as some of the other websites in the Jobisite network.

3. Jobspider

JobSpider is a free job board modeled loosely on Craigslist. Employers may post an unlimited number of vacancies to JobSpider’s network, and with countless job seekers active on the site, and companies can view their resumes online for free and locate the best candidates for their vacancies.

4. MightyRecruiter

MightyRecruiter harnesses syndication to streamline the recruiting procedure.

Recruiters are free to create an infinite number of available job postings, which can then be shared with up to 29 different project boards, including sites like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Nexxt and Glassdoor.

5. National Labor Exchange

The US National Labor Exchange is a nonprofit organization that invites recruiters to post to its recruiting network free of charge. Vacancies syndicated via the website are made accessible on job sites and spread to over 1,000 job search engines.

Jobs are made available to college alumni, diversity, disability, military, and career websites, making this one of the widest-reaching recruiting sites available, free or otherwise.

6. ActiveHire

For companies seeking to engage in North America, ActiveHire supplies a process for sharing fresh project openings with thousands of potential candidates.

In addition to free job postings, the website aggregates millions of worker resumes from over 115,000 partners and personal databases.

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7. Scouted

Scouted was created to help modernize the procedure. The website uses algorithmic matchmaking to spot great-fit candidates for any particular function, fitting candidates based on abilities and potential instead of just their resume.

The business provides free access to all its own features — posting tasks, sorting through a curated roster of candidates, and setting up interviews — and companies are only asked to pay if they successfully hire a candidate.

8. Jobvertise

Jobvertise provides free job postings to all recruiters, but it limits the number of views on vacancies.

The website also receives thousands of resumes out of new job seekers each week, allowing hiring managers to nail fantastic candidates simply by using the filters which can be found on the site’s database.

9. Jobxoom

Jobxoom’s website benefits from visitors each and every month and enables employers to post to one of 60 industry-specific job boards.

The site is free to work with for 3 months and allows recruiters to post up to 100 open deductions during that time.

10. ZipRecruiter

More than a million companies use ZipRecruiter to source talent. With a free trial, both recruiters and hiring managers can use the site offerings for weekly.

The trial allows for job postings and distribution. Employers may also access prewritten screening questions for certain businesses, such as sales or tech.