SEO Trends Of 2019

How the area of search engine optimization changed in 2019?

What new trends will emerge, what older tendencies will perish, and which tendencies will last within the following calendar year?

In this informative article, I will discuss some of the greatest SEO tendencies I’ll be monitoring in 2019.

Voice search is obviously growing in popularity and at a really rapid speed, also. Actually, I feel just like in a few years, we are going to listen to”Ok, Google” around us every couple of minutes. By 2020, the specialists think that 50 percent of searches is going to be voice hunts.

The range of individuals using voice assistants is really rising year by year, in a really rapid speed; for instance, 35.6 million Americans use a voice activated device at least once per month, also one in six Americans currently own clever speakers.

While it’s a fact that the area of search engines and SEO is continually evolving and changing, the gain in voice search use is among the largest changes yet. That is because it is something entirely different and it needs a very different marketing strategy.

Consider it this way: there is 1 way you would look for something on Google (the normal site ) and one method to inquire about something. “You have to realizethe questions they are likely to ask are likely to be somewhat different,” explains Stone Temple’s Eric Enge within an event of the Sure Oak podcast,”and it is likely to make a demand for our articles that we are coming — be it via internet page or a yield voice discussion — to be ready to answer those more natural language questions.”

Additionally, it is important to be aware that Google prefers brief answers to voice hunt questions: the normal outcome is all about 29 phrases in ordinary .

Much more interestingly, there appears to be a really major link between voice lookup engine optimization and Google’s featured snippets — these brief responses you occasionally get above the rest of the outcomes, which have place zero in SERPs.

Mockup smartphone on guy hands empty screen with office desk background.

An alteration that many may say has been a long time coming: after all, cellular devices today account for almost 60 percent of traffic and this number is just likely to rise.

And if can the”voice hunt index” be anticipated?

The mobile-first index is under a year old, so it is hard to say where precisely it is going to go. However, what’s apparent is how important rate is, dependent on July’s Speed Update. Also as how important it’s to construct a really responsive site, one which not only is completely operational on mobile devices, but also one which goes very fast.

“It appears that Google viewpoints slow-loading sites as the largest problem it’s the mobile web today, and they wish to use their influence from the marketplace to induce website owners to perform better,” Duda CEO Itai Sadan lately advised me.

“Our staff in Duda agrees that site speed is just one of the core elements that constitutes the UX of a site, and we consider reducing load times would be the very best thing a site operator can do in order to increase their internet presence now.”

Building better cellular sites and producing better user experiences for people with mobile devices is crucial. Because while it is not clear just what’s coming up for mobile-first indexing, what’s apparent understand, depending on the Google’s last, is it’s about supplying your audience sites which are simple to use and navigate, which provide a fantastic user experience which move quickly.

Blockchain may be mostly connected with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency generally, however blockchain’s influence will probably be more far-reaching compared to that.

And perhaps not surprisingly, it is also likely to achieve and affect search engine optimization, even maybe digital advertising generally. But how can it affect SEO in a purposeful manner?

Blockchain, in a nutshell, intends to make a secure and dependable record of trades.

Plus it may be utilized to fasten the transactions occurring on search engines also — the relations between advertisers and site owners. Google, in this way, is the middleman between the advertiser and site operator, assisting them hope each other so that every one these trades will operate easily.

Blockchain can confirm that each consumer is who they say they’re, with 100 percent precision.

It can see if an ad was seen through an actual real man rather than a bot. It can assist you in making certain website owner just cover real click-throughs for your own site. And much more so, all this can help lessen online advertising fraud.

This, clearly, will not just affect Google’s ad revenue, but additionally it is very likely to affect SEO generally.

“With an embedded schema markup, sites could capture the identities of the traffic, or log in the amount of token benefits a site post has procured. It might even compute which people have contributed value to particular posts and the activities they took,” states David Lockie, the creator of Pragmatic. “All this could enter into rank variables and make the net a stronger and effective social chart, nearly infinite in its range.”

The Growth of Amazon Search Optimization

Many search engine optimization pros are anticipating a massive increase in Amazon SEO in the upcoming year.

Not convinced? Well, to begin with, 72 percent of shoppers currently use Amazon to discover goods, according to a study from Kenshoo across customers in the united states, Germany, UK, and France.

What is even more intriguing is they also found that 56 percent of customers really search on Amazon before they go looking in other websites. Additionally, they do not just find goods — they find whatever they want they would otherwise require Google for: product reviews, similar merchandise hints, and all types of different goods which you may be considering. To put it differently, they truly don’t want a different search engine to locate what they want or need to purchase, and do some proper research prior to making a buying decision.

And that’s undoubtedly a fairly major threat to Google and Google Advertising. If fewer people are googling for goods, that may have a large effect on its marketing and earnings.

When it comes to really making purchases, folks favor Amazon because if its ease, costs and ease of transport, according to the newest information from BigCommerce’sInternational Omni-Channel Consumer Shopping Research Report.

“Since over half of U.S. online consumers begin their search on, each brand has a branding and content plan on the Amazon station so as to get any thought with the biggest audience of internet shoppers,” states James Thomson, a spouse at BuyBox Pros .

“You learn more about your branding compared to anybody else, so be sure that you have consistent, true branding around as numerous offline and online channels. Do not let arbitrary resellers control your advertising ”


There are a whole lot of changes occurring in the electronic world at the moment, including in the area of search engine optimisation. It is an exciting — if also somewhat frightening — time. It may not be clear exactly what the future will deliver just, but it is apparent that emerging and mature technology are beginning to have a massive influence on SEO — if it is not already occurring, then at least it is bound to happen shortly.

What are a few of the greatest trends you are hoping to occur in 2019?